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Then add the remainder of the gin and tonic and pour through a sieve strainer and back into the jug cup.

Now fill your mould. Unmould the jelly by briefly immersing in a bowl of hot water and inverting over your chosen plates. For maximum effect, turn off all lights to achieve total darkness. Switch on your blacklight and serve the glowing jelly to thrilled diners.

Nostoc: A green, jelly-like substance growing in lawns

The quinine in the tonic water is UV-active. When the blacklight is switched on, it will fluoresce beautifully.

Acrylic Nails Tutorial - How To Jelly Nails GLOW in the Dark - with Nail Forms

One way of doing this is to make it glow in the dark… To make the jelly glow in the dark, food-safe quinine is included as an ingredient and the jellies are served in an area where UV blacklights cause them to fluoresce. Log In Sign Up.


Glow-in-the-Dark Gin and Tonic Jelly. About 3 servings Easy Total: 20 mins, plus time to set Active: 20 mins. Get fresh food news delivered to your inbox Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest tips, tricks, recipes and more, sent twice a week. Instructions 1 Combine gin, tonic water, rich simple syrup, and rose water in a large heatproof measuring cup; set aside.

Add enough gin and tonic mixture to cover and set aside until gelatin softens.

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Strain back into the measuring cup. Pour into a jelly mold or bowl and refrigerate until set.

Nostoc: A green, jelly-like substance growing in lawns

On a worldwide scale this jelly fungus is also widely distributed throughout the northern hemisphere including parts of North America. The taxonomy of this jelly fungus is unclear, and some authorities still place it in the order Tremellales. It was the Dutch mycologist Marinus Anton Donk - who in redefined the Exidia genus, clearly separating Exidia plana from its lookalikes such as Exidia glandulosa , with which it had been treated previously as a single species under the name Exidia glandulosa. Synonyms of Exidia plana include Tremella plana F.

British mycologist Peter Roberts has suggested that Exidia plana is an invalid name, and that Exidia nigricans is the earliest valid name for this species. To date, however, the official name in the Fungus Records Database for Britain and Ireland has the preferred name of this species listed as Exidia plana. Exidia , the generic name, means exuding or staining, and both seem appropriate because these jelly fungi do look like exudations when moist and like dark stains on wood when they dry out.

Black Raspberry Jelly Recipe -

I believe the specific epithet plana comes from the Latin adjective planus , which means level, flat or even; if so then perhaps this isn't the most descriptive of epithets! Shiny black when wet, turning olive brown and shrivelling to a warty crust during very dry weather; gelatinous but noticeably firmer than Tremella mesenterica , the Yellow Brain, and most other jelly fungi.


Individual fruitbodies blend into one another like the folds of a brain; composite 'blobs' are typically 5 to 15 cm across. Dried and shrivelled fruitbodies are revived in wet weather and regain their expanded shape and gelatinous texture.

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