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Wlule Llanelli in the earlier rounds had held every variety of pest and tied their 'opponents in a running bowline, St Luke's looked blessed with speed and vigour, but not much else. They had most of the breaks in their win over Co. St Luke's were pinned back to 6 4 late in lKc second half. Beat's goad came two minutes before tSie interval. A little earlier he had curled a corner kick from the left, wich his riight foot, into David Best's arms. Now, he nave his kick more. The goa;lkeeper moved late. Law wich characteristic persistence, got the ball into the Ipswich net three minutes into the second half, using his chest after his header had come down from the bar.

But tibe referee, after accepting the goal, consulted a linesman, and disallowed it After that, the match entered its rimip death throes. Occasionally the odd lirrib flicked. Robertson brought a good save from Best, with a shot from 25 yaTds.

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Gowl-ing hurried past two defenders, to give Law a sharp pass across the goal: Mills luckily deflected Law's low srhot. Law was taken off later in the game, with an ankle injury. The crowd claspped him in the most decorous way. That kind of applause is an odd sound at Old Trafford. But it was the sort of game this crowd really isn't used to.

Hill had a personal tally for the tournament of 22 points but the victor ludorum of a splendid picnic was Robin Whitcomb of St Luike's, looking twice the man he used to be with Richmond.

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In the course of the afternoon he kicked eight conversions out of eight, plus a penalty and two tries. Harlequins the hosts disappeared without trace early and Cork Constitution, thanks to their Irish internationals McGann and a sprightly character called Kier-nan, beat Penryn for the Plate.

Researchers have tested various methods to enhance the bioavailabilities of oral hypoglycemic exendin-4 Ex4 analogs, including biotin and transport peptide modifications, among others.

According to a previous study, the decomposition of l -cysteine into hydrogen sulfide stimulates the opening of the intestinal epithelial potassium ion channels, which may cause potassium efflux and hyperpolarization of the cell [ 17 ] and subsequently promote intestinal absorption of the nutrient. Therefore, we speculated that the l -cysteine modification on the C-terminus of Ex4 might achieve a higher bioactivity and bioavailability after oral administration.

In this study, the essence is to obtain a balance between the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic values of peptide drugs, which has historically been the primary challenge and goal in biological macromolecule studies. According to the hypothesis, the cysteine added to the carboxyl terminal would significantly improve the blood control activity of Ex4 when adminstrated by oral gavage OG. The computer aided design would be used for site-specific mutagenesis, which is in order to improve the stability of the analogs against the proteases and retain the bioactivity to the maximum extent.

The direct aim of this research is to obtain an analog with good glycemic control activity taken orally. The values of the 2. For the latter group, although the results were significant, the BGL decrease was only According to previous studies, the major proteases in the small intestine are secreted by the pancreas and include trypsin, chymotrypsin, elastase, carboxypeptidase-A CPA and carboxypeptidase-B CPB [ 18 , 19 , 20 ].

After a min reaction, the migration of three sensors was evident relative to the original baseline. CPA and CPB did not bind or hydrolyze the substrate, which remained unchanged relative to the baseline. To verify the accuracy of the new technology, HPLC was used to verify the data. The results of the validation are shown in supplementary Figure S1.

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The mass spectra of the fragments were analyzed to calculate the molecular weights and assigned individual fragments based on changes in ionization. The result was listed in Table 1. The analysis identified the amino acids of Lys 12 , Arg 20 , Lys 27 as the trypsin cleavage sites, Phe 6 , Leu 21 , Phe 22 , Trp 25 as the chymotrypsin cleavage sites, and Val 19 , Leu 21 , Lys 27 as the elastase cleavage sites. The cleavage sites are indicated in Figure 2 D with colored arrows. Confirmation of the key proteases and cleavage sites for Exendin4-cysteine Ex4C in the small intestine.

A The negative migration of the reflected lights, measured as the change in wavelength in nm, indicated the changing shape of the substrate and the hydrolysis efficiency. B Bio-layer interferometry data represent five separate experiments.

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Each number represents a fragment analyzed by MS. The analysis is provided in Table 1. D The amino acid sequence of Ex4C is shown in the figure with the letters.

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The seven specific cleavage sites for the three proteases were determined by analyzing the fragments and showed in different colors. Analysis of the hydrolytic fragments detected by mass spectroscopy MS. The corresponding fragments and key cleavage sites were determined by comparing the apparent and theoretical molecular weights.

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  • Because trypsin is the predominant protease in the small intestine, trypsin-resistance was given priority in the computer-based design. Table 2 shows the stability of each specific amino acid mutation in the trypsin cleavage site predicted by the Rosetta Design Server; a lower score indicates a more stable mutation. For the 3 sites of predicted cleavage, three mutations per site were predicted to form stable structures, and the predicted differences in binding scores were small.

    This data predicted that we could successfully design in substitutions to the Ex4C sequence that would be resistant to trypsin degradation while retaining high binding affinity. Eight analogs were designed through site-specific mutations, permutations and combinations. These analogs were modeled into the crystal structure of the isolated GLP-1R extra-cellular domain ECD in complex with Ex4, by substitution of the predicted stabilizing amino acids and then subject to molecular dynamics simulations. Following completion of the simulations, ligand-receptor binding energy BE of each analog was evaluated in Amber.

    The calculated results indicated that five analogs had acceptable site affinities, as shown in Table 3. As with the Rosetta Design results, a lower value indicated a more stable complex with a higher analog bioactivity. Each analog was simulated 3 times and the highest value was used in the prediction.

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    In particular, we attempted to replace amino acids in the prototype molecule with a d -type amino acid, which predicted an obvious decrease in binding stability. This may be result in the conformation change of the domain responsible for binding in the analogs. The Rosetta Design Server-based stability scores associated with each trypsin cleavage site.

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