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This should reduce the likelihood of unpleasant surprises. It also lets your investors know you take their money seriously. You also need to seriously consider how the arrangement will be structured. Are you offering equity? Or will this be a loan? Perhaps most importantly, you need to emphasize the risk involved. Offer up a strong business plan, but remind them there is a good chance their money will be lost. It's better to mention that upfront to Aunt Gladys rather than over Thanksgiving dinner.

Read more on raising money from family and friends. The lack of a credit history, collateral or the inability to secure a loan through a bank doesn't mean no one will lend to you. Microloans are often so small that commercial banks can't be bothered lending the funds. Instead of a bank, you need to turn to a microlender.

Microlenders offer smaller loan sizes, usually require less documentation than banks, and often apply more flexible underwriting criteria.

There are a few hundred microlenders throughout the U. Read more on getting a microloan. Editorial Disclosure: Inc. These articles are editorially independent - that means editors and reporters research and write on these products free of any influence of any marketing or sales departments.

How to Raise Money as an Entrepreneur

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Or sign up using:. So if you and your business are in a time crunch, equity fundraising may not be the best way to go. Loan or debt-based fundraising is the easiest of the three varieties to understand in basics: you borrow money now and pay it back later, with an established rate of interest.

How to Fund a Business With Equity

Debt is also the most common form of outside capital for new businesses. When you decide to pursue debt-based fundraising, you specify in your fundraise terms the rate of interest that will come with the repayment of the loans you receive. You may also provide an expected time frame in which the loans will be repaid. The more collateral you have, the better your chances of securing large amounts of financing.

As collateral for these loans, Rusty offers the cars themselves, as well as mortgage on the property for the dealership, which he already owns. As with equity, there are a handful of scenarios where debt is the most useful option for financing your company. Debt raises lend themselves well to smaller amounts of capital. Debt raises tend to move along faster, giving you a better shot at getting you the funds you need when you need them.

Trade equity or services for startup help.

If your funding needs are in the physical realm—you just need real estate, for example, or computers or other equipment— a debt raise makes a lot of sense. Many entrepreneurs are understandably reluctant to give up equity in their company, and a straightforward debt raise has the attractive benefit of allowing you to retain ownership and control of your company. Small Business Association. In this case, our wildly indebted yet somehow solvent government plays cosigner to your loan.

Uncle Sam is a bit tight-fisted, because he has a lot of checks to hand out; but he may be the only uncle that is willing to bet on your new idea right now. Credit is comparable : In some cases, you can achieve the same goals with credit as you can with loans, since the upper limits of both tend to be about the same for business users.

American Express, for example, offers both a day charge card with a floating limit and a more traditional credit card that offers flexible monthly payment options. Going with credit has the advantage that the decision is much faster compared with the lengthy loan application process. Convertible debt is essentially a mash-up of debt and equity: you borrow money from investors with the understanding that the loan will either be repaid or turned into a share in the company at some later point in time—after an additional round of fundraising, for instance, or once the business reaches a certain valuation.

The specifics of how the debt will be converted into equity are established at the time of the initial loan.

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Usually that involves some kind of incentive for investors to convert their debt into equity, such as a discount or warrant in the next round of fundraising. You will also need to set an interest rate, as you would for a straight debt raise, in order to repay your investors until they convert, as well as the investors who opt not to convert.

By Megan Sullivan. As an entrepreneur, you face many challenges. But, none are as big as finding money to start your new business. From renting office or production space to buying goods and hiring staff, everything you need to do to turn your idea into a viable business requires money. There are a handful of really good crowdfunding sites that have become very popular with inventors, entrepreneurs and the general public in the past two years. Kickstarter is probably the most recognizable, but Indiegogo is gaining in popularity, along with RocketHub, Fundable and Fundly.

Fundly is known for its success in helping non-profits, and Fundable is considered small business-friendly. Angel investors stand out from other types of funding options because they are always on the lookout for the next business to invest in. Many of the biggest tech companies today, including Google and Yahoo, were funded by angel investors.

At its most basic deal, taking money from an angel almost always requires you to give your investor some share of equity in your company.

How to find business startup funding in

Similar to angel investors, venture capitalists have money to invest, which they want to invest in young, up-and-coming businesses with a high potential for growth and monetary returns. Venture capitalists typically also look for a share of equity in exchange for their investment, but are also interested in having a voice in the direction of the company. VCs are looking to make money on their investments, and many feel the best way to do this is to have some control in how the company is managed. The U. As a result, the SBA offers many different small business loan types to help entrepreneurs get started.

Explore the different SBA loan options here. If your business is a non-profit or educational institution, you might also want to explore small business grants. Reserved largely for non-profit organizations , microloans are granted by institutions to individuals who would not normally qualify for a traditional bank loan.

Checklist: How to Start a Business with No Money

Instead of gifting a donation to the non-profit organization, microloan organizations allow individuals to invest in economic opportunities. Starting your own business is risky. In many cases, this level of risk is what prevents traditional lenders from granting loans to entrepreneurs. For example, some companies may find themselves unable to fulfill a large order due to a lack of funds to purchase the materials needed to produce the goods.

Seek a bank loan or credit-card line of credit.

In these instances, purchase order financing might be the answer. A purchase order financing organization will essentially extend an advance so the organization can purchase the materials it needs today and then collect back the money once the goods are sold.