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Eleanor is an outsider. This beautifully written and heart-wrenching story transported me to Omaha, Nebraska, and made me feel as if I were experiencing the hardships these two misfits What's the real scoop on Cinderella? In her very first children's book, author Gail Carson Levine blows us away with an innovative, insightful, and riveting novel told by Ella, no shrinking violet or uncomplaining doormat to her new step-family. Cursed at birth by the interfering fairy Lucinda's Epossumondas Epossumondas series ReadKiddoRead. The story behind the story is one that really grabs kids: a fifteen-year-old boy from Montana, born in and home-schooled all his life, loves to read books about magic and dragons, spurred by reading Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Coville.

He starts to write his own book about a fi The title and the cover say it all. How do populated cities and towns, farms, animals, and people survive an eruption of a volcano? Is it possible to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people that live in the shadows of active volcanoes? If a volcano has been dormant for hundreds o Board games, video games, you name it.

So when the town of Alexandriaville announces it will Born into a prosperous ranching family in Mexico, Esperanza lives a life of privilege and plenty with her parents and her grandmother, Abuelita, until the eve of her fourteenth birthday in , when her adored Papa is murdered by bandits.

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Esperanza's mother is now faced with the prospect of bei What would it be like to create your perfect mate? What if you were a fifteen year old, who had that opportunity and the smarts to do it? Really, who is not fascinated by the technology that could create new life and the chance to do it?

This is the exciting and topical premise for the first Shel Silverstein was aware that his legacy was his poetry. Starting at the age of 12 days, when he and his timid sister, Squirrel, first opened their eyes and became aware of their surroundings, he describes their mother The Lees project the image of a perfect, happy family. Marilyn and James Lee have placed all of their hopes and personal aspirations on the shoulders of their middle child, Lydia.

But the Extra Yarn ReadKiddoRead. One day, she stumbles upon a small box of colorful yarn, and she decides to knit herself a sweater. When she's finished, she finds she has extra yarn and decides to knit one Look at the cover with that woebegone, discontented toddler. If ever there was a book to show to kids with the simple question, "What do you think this story is about? It begins, "Finn likes peaches. If you look at it, nothing much happened.

  1. The Seer / The Prophet The Knower Of Our Times;
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She was a girl who came into my class after the beginning of the year and was only there for a couple of weeks or so. Stuff did get a little crazy for a while, but it didn't las A sixteen year-old boy lives with his single mom. He is so desperate to meet his biological dad that he devises a plan to kidnap his dad at gunpoint.

Fitz really wants to meet his father. Just how badly does he want to meet this man -- a total stranger?

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So badly that he stalks his father to learn h The Mama called the doctor. The doctor said, No more monkeys jumping on the bed. Bryce Loski describes how he has scrambled, ever since second grade when his family moved to the neighborhood, to avoid all contact with his pesty, oddball neighbor, Julianna Baker; while Juli recalls the past six years of being smitten with and pursuing blue-eyed Bryce, hoping he would kiss her Holy bagumba! As Flora is looking out her window, she sees an out-of-control vacuum cleaner in the yard next door suck up a squirrel.

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Noah's idealistic dad is spending Father's Day in a holding cell in their little Florida Keys town and he doesn't want to get bailed out just yet. Dad admits he went a little overboard this time, though he's not at all sorry he sank Dusty Muleman's foot gambling boat, the Coral Queen. He know The food creatures, made from bananas, peppers, che Did you know that sometimes, the strangest things can happen just by stepping outside your own house to pick up some milk?

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Numerator, denominator — What is that teacher talking about? Wilson has no idea and would much rather be drawing pictures of Pip his pet hamster or thinking about his project for the science fair coming up in three weeks. In thi Black and white graphic novel panels of Frankie as an adventurer in the belly of the jungle, in prison, and as the caped superhero, Wo In this moody, atmospheric graphic novel, she gets unexpected help putting her anxieties to rest.

A lion cub and a piglet? A polar bear all pounds of him and an Eskimo sled dog? In zoos, wildlife refuges, and Therefore, she decided that her leaving home would not be just running from somewhere but would be running to somewhere. To a large place, a comfortable place, an indoor place, and preferably a beautif From To All the Boys I've Loved Before becoming a crossover best-seller and streaming hit to Crazy Rich Asians breaking box office records worldwide, there is no shortage of great contributions to this emerging genr Ever wonder why rabbits, hamsters, pigs, and gorillas eat thei I always look forward to Telgemeier's work.

She has been an incredibly bright addition to the growing middle-grade and young adult graphic novel landscape. Before I get into the plot and the writing itself, I will remark that Telgemeier's cartooning style has progressively gotten better thro Thirteen-year-old Gilda Joyce has been interested in surveillance ever since reading Harriet the Spy back in elementary school.

One of her plans for her boring summer vacation is to continue spying on Plaid Pants, AKA Hector Flack, who works at the convenience store and whom Gilda thinks could b Based on seventh century B. Assyrian clay tablets that recorded the legend of Gilgamesh, king of Uruk in Mesopotamia now Iraq sometime between B. C, this Every summer, Glorianna June Hemphill Glory celebrates her Fourth of July birthday at the community pool, and she expects this summer to be no different. Oh, she wants us to read the sign she is holding.

He uses pencil, brush, India ink, and compute Baltimore school librarian, storyteller, and playwright Laura Amy Schlitz has a passion for history. When her fifth grade students were studying the Middle Ages, she set to writing 17 short monologues to stage so each child could have a decent part to memorize. It evolved into this powerful New I wish I had nicer things to say about Goodbye Stranger, a middle-grade and up novel by Rebecca Stead.

It is a thoroughly well-written novel, but does not have the clarity of focus of the rest of her work. Ultimately a narrative device plummets this once hopeful read into a bit of a mess; howeve Little ones who play as hard Just right for little hands is a winsome series about gosling friends, with spare, irresistible watercolors on all-white square pages.

Start with Gossie. Gossie likes to wear her bright red boots e Grace for President ReadKiddoRead. Barrington explains, "The truth is, our country has never had a wo Granite Baby ReadKiddoRead. After Beryl carves a whol Gregor's mother needs him to stay home this summer to take care of his two-year old sister, Boots, instead of going to camp. Since his father disappeared, two years, seven months, and thirteen days ago, twelve-year-old Gregor hasn't had a day when he's felt real happiness. Gregor knows his dad i Of course!

Bear wants to be a stand-up comic and tell jokes that make his friends laugh. And he's got a million of 'em. Bear has a plan, too. He writes his jokes, practice Where is everybody? Yesterday I was BIG news, a star, king of the mound! Everyone wanted my weather report. Longest snowmobile journey? Largest monkey? Most valuable guitar? Longest fingernails? The record holder, Lee Redmond, has fingernails 28 feet, 4. Who publishes the best collection of superlatives year after year?

Only one name is on the tip of e There is perhaps no genre that is more underrepresented in YA fiction than the Western, once a singularly American staple of the literary canon. Here's a book that will break your heart. First, there's the photograph of the big, brown s So he drew a moon, and then a path to follow it. He decided to take a short cut, and veered off the path that he originally drew to keep him from getting lost.

This past decade, we have been blessed with the Harry Potter effect, and that fantastical boy wizard is still casting his dazzling spell across the Earth. What is it about Harry Potter that has worked its way into the lives and psyches of readers worldwide?

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There have been many good books about Beginning with one of many well-chosen quotes-"I know that the education of this child will be the distinguishing event of my life, if I have the brains and perseverance to accomplish it. It's the year , and Zack Nelson and his family are leaving their home on Earth to move to the planet Nebulon, where Zack's dad has accepted a new job.

Zack isn't at all sure what to expect of his new home or of a new school and new friends.